Some app Is not okay to put on the phone

Some app Is not okay to put on the phone

Google has removed the two popular Android apps from the Google Play store. The app has been downloaded nearly two million times. Action has been taken against ‘Sun Pro Beauty Camera’ and ‘Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera’ app to harm users as adware in malicious programs and disguises. Experts say, it would not be okay to put this app on two phones. Phone information may be stolen.


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According to mobile security company OneDera, the camera app used to show pop-up ads to earn money. The app quickly eliminates battery charge from running all the time in the background. Since Google has removed the app from the two Play stores, those who have the app on their phone should remove it quickly. Apart from showing advertisements, the app also wants audio recording and various permissions.

Harmful app passing through Google’s verification process is nothing new. Earlier, an app called ‘CamScanner’ was removed. Google has now made it difficult for app makers to abandon the App Store. It takes up to three days for a new app to be approved.

Earlier, researchers at cyber security firm CSIS said that malware or malicious programs could spread to some apps on Google Playstore. They said that Google has detected a malicious malware named ‘Joker’ in 20 apps on the PlayStore. The malware has already spread to about five lakh devices. If these apps are installed on your Android set, they may end up accidentally losing money without stealing personal information. The Joker silently communicates with various ad-free websites and receives various information about the device including SMS, contact list from mobile.

Those are the apps

Beach Camera, Mini Camera, Stern Wallpaper, Red Clean, Edge Face, Alter Message, Subi Camera, Declare Message, Display Camera, Rapid Face Scanner, Leaf Face Scanner, Broad Picture Editing, Cute Camera, DazzleSphere Wallpaper, , Great VPN, Humor Camera, Print Plan Scan, Advocate Wallpaper, Rudy SMS Mode, Ignite Clean, A Tibhairasa Security Security Scan, kolata face scanner.

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