Smartphone like remote, New In Market!

Smartphone like remote, New In Market!

Essential, a US-based mobile maker has created Smartphone’s just like the TV’s remote control device. Andy Rubin is the founder of Essential, known as the father of Android. Like the remote phone made by his company, the picture has spread through social media. This is the second Smartphone made by Essential.


Market analysts say Essential has completely redesigned the new Smartphone. Rubin himself posted some pictures of the Smartphone via social media. As seen in the picture, half of the Essential phones are just like ordinary Smartphone. However, the rest is like a remote controller. However, it is not clear how the new user interface will be added to the lightweight Smartphone. Of course, Rubin has shown that the phone has the advantages of running a map or running other apps.


App makers may have trouble creating an app for the new Smartphone. This will require the creation of a new design app.


Looking at the hardware of the phone, you can see the volume and power button on the right. There is a fingerprint sensor on the back. Essential is still conducting tests on the phone. The company has not yet officially said when it will come to market or what the price will be.

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