Walton Smart AC will run with the help of Smartphone

Walton Smart AC will run with the help of Smartphone

Walton has introduced new smart air-conditioned smart air conditioner into the market with the help of Smartphone. The AC of Crystalline series will be available in the market in one and a half and two tons sizes.


Walton AC CEO (CEO) Md. Tanvir Rahman said Walton’s IoT-based Smart AC has all the latest features. You can know and save daily or monthly bills, voltage information, compressor load information in AC. You can manage AC with a Smartphone sitting in any part of the world. Walton Smart AC air conditioning can be extended, lowered, turned on or off without remote control via ‘Voice Control’ or ‘Amazon Echo’.


Walton’s Smart AC will run on Android and iOS operating systems. There are multiple AC controls in the same app. It has the opportunity to save statistical data, including auto updates.


In addition to the new smart AC, Walton’s Venturi, Riverine, Riverline Pro and Crystalline series have one, one and one-half and two-ton spit models. These include comprehensive power saving inverter, twin fold inverter, fixed speed ionizer AC. They are priced between Rs.


Sandeep Biswas, chief engineer at Walton AC’s Research and Development (R&D) department, said Walton’s AC international quality testing lab is being marketed after the quality control exemption from NASDAT-UTS. Walton AC has integrated inverter technology compressor, which provides refrigerant accordingly to understand the temperature inside the room. Up to 5 percent of the electricity is saved.  Its turbomod quickly cools down the room by lowering the room temperature. Compressor used in HFC gas-free R7A refrigerant. There is ionizer technology.


Walton is building a digital database to provide the fastest and best after-sales service online. For this, they are running a digital campaign. Under this, any model can buy the AC without registering for any up to 32 years electricity bill. There is also cashback and free installation.

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