About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Company Overview

NEEF IT Ltd is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with an experienced team of industry experts. The company aims to lead the ICT Service provisions of High Speed Broadband Internet Access, Corporate Private Networks (Intranet/DATA), and Corporate Broadcast services, IP Telephony, Web Solutions & all other Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services countrywide. Since its operation in entire Kishoreganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh, till date, has been ensuring utmost customer satisfaction with superior quality of service, therefore, having a strong, positive reputation in the market. In order to provide effective & satisfactory service, NEEF IT Ltd has implemented state of the art, the latest technologies. NEEF IT Ltd is dedicated to a scalable infrastructure to deliver high-speed total solutions

NEEF IT Ltd is the leading ICT Service Provider both for Domestic  connectivity services, MPLS Network Solution, Corporate VPN, Co-location Services, IT Consultancy, and IP Telephony Services duly authorized by the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC). NEEF IT Ltd offers a wide range of products/services to meet the requirements of clients with IP based solutions, minimizing clients upfront and recurring network costs.

Human Resource

To run the services, we have a team of 75 peoples. Among them we have 05 engineers and 70 Technicians to work round the clock (to implement and support our services). We have a good Sales team comprising of qualified persons to handle different Government & Non-Government Projects. We have a well equipped research & development (R&D) team. 1 qualified Engineers are working in the team to provide the appropriate service that our clients require. They are responsible for designing and modeling new services incorporating new technologies those are available time to time. We have consultants who help a  our sales team to develop potential contacts in Government and Non-Government Enterprises. They maintain good contacts with the highest Government Authorities and potential bureaucrats


For each of the service that we provide, we use the top of the line Hardware. For ISP and DATA Service all the Network Equipments are world class. Similarly for IPTSP Service we deployed the world famous soft switch and billing systems. The hardware for IIG and IGW all are from world renowned manufacturers. Thus all the core engines of the systems are highly reliable and dependable. The tools & equipments required for the deployment of service & also for the maintenance/trouble-shooting are also very dependable & professional. We are providing Internet and DATA services all over Bangladesh. We are capable to establish such service to any corner of the country within 24 hours. The media of connectivity may be fiber optic and microwave radio

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