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New iPhone Price and Feature

    Within a week, the announcement of a new iPhone will be coming to the market. Many are interested in the potential new iPhone around September 5th. The US-based tech giant Apple Cooper hosted the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. The event is regarded as one of the biggest events in the technology…
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Close the login with the profile picture in Facebook

Close the login with the profile picture When using Facebook, you must be safe here. Otherwise, you can be in serious danger, not only unexpected problems. Find out how to stay safe on Facebook: When you log in to Facebook from a desktop computer or Smartphone, Facebook also allows you to login with a profile…
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[Best] Cheap Hosting in Bangladesh 2019

[Best] Cheap Hosting in Bangladesh 2019 Short Description- Many people are searching for this topic Best Cheap hosting in Bangladesh. Many domain and hosting companies are available in Bangladesh. Most of the people confused here what the company chooses. Today I share with you what is the cheap hosting company in Bangladesh. Domain and hosting…
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Student Home   Office   Supper Speed   BDT850/monthly Up to 1 Mbps Bandwidth Private IP 720p Youtube BDIX & FTP 40 mbps   BDT1050/monthly Up to 1.5 Mbps Bandwidth Private IP 1080p Youtube BDIX & FTP 50 mbps   BDT1550/monthly Up to 2 Mbps Bandwidth Public IP 4k Youtube BDIX & FTP 60 mbps…
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