20 Harmful App in 2019 – You Need To Remove From Phone

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20 Harmful App in 2019 – You Need To Remove From Phone

September 10, 2019 Tech 0

20 Harmful App in 2019

Recently a malware or a malicious program has spread to some of the apps on the Google Play Store. If these apps are installed on your Android phone, it could endanger your mobile phone without stealing personal information. Researchers at cyber security firm CSIS say there are 20 such apps. They found a malicious malware called ‘Joker’ in these apps on the Google Play Store. The malware has already spread to about five lakh devices.

Researchers say the Joker silently communicates with various advertising websites and receives SMS, contact list and various information about the device from mobile.

Last June, the first discovery of the malware named Joker. When it attacks someone’s smartphone or other device, it can receive SMS access. The malware used to spread the malware can use Joker to grab contacts list of Smartphone and all the information on the device. It threatens the privacy of the user or the privacy of the user. In addition to worrying about privacy, Joker can secretly launch an app subscription or buy a premium service or app on a website.

You Need To Remove From Phone

Joker analyzed the malware in a blog post written by software developer Alexez Kupernes Medium. Joker’s malware is spread through apps infected in 5 countries around the world. In many countries in Asia, as well as in some countries in the European Union, there are Joker malware infected devices.

List Of Harmful App

  1. Beach Camera 1.2
  2. Mini camera 5.1.2
  3. Sarten wallpaper 1.32
  4. RedWorld Cleanup 4.1.1
  5. Edge face 4.1.2
  6.  Alter Message 4.1
  7. Subi Camera 4.1.1
  8.  Declare Message 5.12
  9. Display Camera 5.12
  10. Rapid Face Scanner 1.12
  11. Leaf Face Scanner
  12. Broad Picture Editing 3.2.2
  13. Cute Camera 4.1
  14. Dazzle wallpaper 1.3. ১১
  15. Spark wallpaper 1.3 ১১
  16. Climate SMS 1.1
  17. Great VPN 2.0
  18. Humor Camera 4.1.1
  19. Print plan scan 4.1
  20. Advocate wallpapers 4.1.1

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