Bangladeshi Payoneer Prepaid Card Users In Danger

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Bangladeshi Payoneer Prepaid Card Users In Danger

July 2, 2020 Tech News 0

Bangladeshi Payoneer Prepaid Card Users In Danger

All peonia prepaid MasterCards have been closed. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has given the UK’s Wirecard Solutions Limited other restrictions including the suspension of all financial activities. The UK company, as a branch of German company Wirecard AG, filed a petition on Thursday after showing their dissatisfaction. This has caused problems for all peonia prepaid MasterCard users. Because these cards are allocated by The Wirecard UK.

German payment processor and financial services provider Wirecard AG filed a bankruptcy petition on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on June 25. The company is facing a $200 million scandal. Former chief executive of the company, Marker Brown, was also arrested in the case. News of the fall of The Wirecard AG has spread all over the world.

Wirecard UK is mainly under the control of the FCA. They approve the e-money service on prepaid cards. The FCA has issued several sanctions against the UK on Friday. The organization cannot resolve any resources or funds besides operating in it.

The prepaid card has been blocked and all the users of the payee at home and abroad have been in trouble.

A blog post by Pioneer says that we can understand the status of paid card users after the wirecard declared bankruptcy. We believe in the transparency of the Pioneer. Peonier has taken appropriate measures to protect users’ money. This does not cause users to worry.

Prepaid card users will no longer be able to temporarily withdraw funds or receive any new payments, Peonier said. Most of the money that Peonier has will not be affected. Peonier is working to add other options to this issue.

Peonia is popular among freelancers online. Paynier’s platform offers a variety of online marketplaces including, Fiver, Getimes, Upwork, 99 Designs, People’s Per Hour, TopCoder, Invato.
The problem with the wirecard has also been affected by the issue among the freelancers. Many people use the prepaid MasterCard in Peonia. Since yesterday, many have been talking about the problem of raising money.

Freelancer and online entrepreneur Jewel Rana said that customers and marketplaces who used to take money on prepaid cards cannot take money on the card. Everything has been frozen for card users. The biggest problem is the subscription service. The problem with online service is that all activities are being done through cards. Many people are stuck. Many people use the Payonia card to shop online internationally because of lack of PayPal facilities. Everyone is in danger of getting stuck.

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