Close the login with the profile picture in Facebook

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Close the login with the profile picture in Facebook

September 1, 2019 Tech 0

Close the login with the profile picture

When using Facebook, you must be safe here. Otherwise, you can be in serious danger, not only unexpected problems. Find out how to stay safe on Facebook:

Close the login with the profile picture in Facebook

When you log in to Facebook from a desktop computer or Smartphone, Facebook also allows you to login with a profile picture. Only one password can be accessed in a single tap or click login. If you think this is an easy procedure for you, be aware that it also creates a chance for your account to go un-managed. You can turn it off from the Security and Login menu in Settings. If you need to login to Facebook from any public place (public place), it must be closed.


Add a friend in danger

The identity of the friend is in danger. If your Facebook account is ever locked or lost, you can use friends from your Facebook friends list to recover the account. You must have a friend who will come to your aid. You can add up to three to five friends who have problems with your Facebook account, and you can reset your Facebook account with the code given to them.

Process of Setting This-

First Click – Security and login Menu, Then Click Setting Up Extra Security and Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out and Now add a friend you know him for future danger.

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