How Google makes money by spreading news

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How Google makes money by spreading news

June 12, 2020 Earn Money 0

How Google makes money

Despite Google’s lack of role in news creation, the company earned $470 million from search and news last year. So, David Chavron, chief executive of the News Media Alliance, thinks that journalists who are making the news are also the share rs.

This information was found in a study by the News Media Alliance of the United States. The statistics are amazing. The last two films in the Avengers series didn’t make the same amount of money. Even professional sports teams are worth more than they cost.

The study reports that one of the key aspects of Google’s business is news. Google’s Trending Query (the mainstream search) is getting 40 percent clicks on the news. But Google doesn’t pay the creators of the ad, even though they sometimes make headlines from the media. In this context, Eger, the director of the Philadelphia Media Network, said Google needs to consider the people who make the news.

Agar thinks that in this case, the news agencies can develop a wonderful mix of technology.

The point is, he says, “The main reason for the people who are being beaten up on Google is the news. They don’t want to be a news outlet from Google. But even then, our claims may seem undesirable to Google.  That is, we have to pay the share of revenue Google earns by doing business with our authority or honor ingest the revenue we’re building. ‘

Facebook has the most news coverage, except for Alphabet, Google’s parent company. 80% of all indirect clicks on the worldwide media website come from these two platforms. But the media is not getting revenue from it.

Last year, the US news industry generated $510 million from digital advertising. On the other hand, the news media account is very low. The amount of personal information the company has to take when users click on news reports on Google is not calculated. If you put it into account, Google’s earnings will surpass the US news industry.

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