Learn SEO Easily : Part 2

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Learn SEO Easily : Part 2

July 4, 2020 Tech 0

It has already been said that organic search results are not only through a pay or advertisement but also through SEO. Organic results are the ’10 Blue Links’ shown on SERPs and above, the ads are labeled on the lower and next sections. So that the ped and organic results on one page can be easily understood. The type of search engine we see now, the results page, was not the same in the past.

Currently search engine results page is called SERPs and now the organic results are much more rich than advertising. Organic sedita feature in SERP such as:

  • Feature Snippets,
  • Anser Box,
  • People’s Allso Ask/Search Box/Session,
  • Image carozel,
  • Video Carozel,
  • News etc.

New SERP brings new features based on user searches.

For example: If you search for ‘Dhaka Weather’, you’ll see a picture of the weather forecast in Dhaka instead of a link. And if you search for ‘Dhaka Pizza’, you’ll find some local pizza slot on Google Maps, some links and carols that are just from Dhaka.

One thing you have to remember is that the source of the search engine’s revenue comes from advertising. Their goal is to provide users with accurate information so that users can re-enter SERPs and stay longer.SERPs

Some of its features are organic and can be influenced by seo. Seo has no influence on the ads. There are features that can’t affect any of the two in organic advertis.

Why is SEO important or important?

SEO practice/application increases the quality and user of the website, while the company is branded with organic fruits on the search engine’s results page.

There are paid advertising, social media and other online platforms to generate traffic/user on the website. Still, most users come from search engines on the website.

Search engines show different digital features and reliable informative answers on its page, which generate slot more clicks than paid advertising. For example, only 2.8% of all clicks in the United States come from paid advertising or paid advertising.

SEO is the only online marketing channel where the right setup is generated from work to revenue over time. If you can provide informational and user-friendly content on the site and rank the right keyword on the search engine. However, users will continue to come from search engines on your site. You won’t get what you’ll get if you spend a lot of money on paid advertising.

While search engines are currently very smart, you still need to cooperate to show the right search content. Optimize your site will provide informational and user-friendly content to the search engine. So that search engines can show your site’s content on the search engine’s page by crawling, indexing and ranking. 

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

The ‘White Hat SEO’ means the BEST practice and strategy of the SEO, which follows all the search engine guidelines. Its main focus is principally on users.

“Black Hat SEO” is a strategy and strategy that attempts to fool search engines by spamming. This allows a website to be shown in good ranking on search engines in a short time. But as a result, the search engine can make the site a penalty or deindexing. No guidelines are followed by search engines in ‘Black Hat SEO’.

No business can be successful online through the penalty website. One of the reasons for getting a penalty for search engines is because SEO professionals, agency-selecting mistakes and not following the search engine guidelines.

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