New iPhone Price and Feature

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New iPhone Price and Feature

September 4, 2019 Tech 0
New iPhone Price and Feature

New iPhone Price and Feature



Within a week, the announcement of a new iPhone will be coming to the market. Many are interested in the potential new iPhone around September 5th. The US-based tech giant Apple Cooper hosted the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. The event is regarded as one of the biggest events in the technology world smartphone unveiling. Apple authorities have already sent invitations to guests for the event. There are already rumors surrounding the new iPhone with its parts, features and prices. Apple, however, has not officially said anything before that date.

Technology analysts speculate that the new iPhone of the three models may be announced this time. These can be called ‘iPhone 4’, ‘iPhone 4 Pro’ and ‘iPhone 4 Pro Max’. Of these, the iPhone 5 will be the next version of the iPhone XR, the 5 Pro will be the later version of the XS, and the next version of the XS Max will be the 5 Pro Max. The launch of the new iPhone will begin in September shortly after the announcement of the new iPhone. The new iPhone will go on sale from September 25.

It is expected that Apple will not raise prices for the new iPhone. This model can be priced just like the price of the iPhone 20. This means the starting price of the new iPhone will be US $ 5 for the iPhone 5, the price of the iPhone 5 Pro will be US $ 5 and the Pro Max will be priced at US $ 1,000.

This year’s new iPhone will not be much different in size than last year’s iPhone. The new three phones will be the same size as the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. But next year, that means, the iPhone models of 2021 will change. The size of the iPhone will now be 5.75 inch LCD screen in case of iPhone 5, 6.7 inch OLED screen in case of Pro, and 6.5 inch OLED screen in case of 5 Pro Max. It will use a new glass back with shutter resistance technology. Apple could use the new camera system behind its Pro and Pro Max. There are rumors, Apple will add two camera models to the iPhone 3 camera system.

The new iPhone A3 processor will be added. In addition they will improve FaceID. ১১ Pro Max Edition will support Apple Pencil.

Of course, those who are waiting for a 3G supported iPhone will wait another year. It is expected that this year there will be no 3G model iPhone. The third largest smartphone dealer in the world is currently set to launch the 3G version with the major changes in the iPhone in 2021.


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