The main story will now be more important in Google search

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The main story will now be more important in Google search

September 14, 2019 Tech 0

Google authorities are making arrangements to reach the real news to those who search Google. The company said it would change the news search algorithm. Now they will give more importance to the ‘original report’ of the media and will appear above the Google search results. Google has instructed more than 3,000 employees on this. Observing these reviewers from Google will help Google’s algorithms to rank search results. News by The Verge.

The change in Google’s search results may be a cause for concern for many. Because, Google’s decision will change the business model of many websites.

In this regard, Google authorities say that the latest and most widespread version of the news on Google is now showing more in search results. Now, modifying this approach will identify and substantiate the real or original news. This kind of news will be kept in the best-seen position on Google. People will see more of the real news. In addition, the latest news will also be highlighted. However, there is doubt about the validity of the definition or standard of the original report. This is because the definition may differ in the original report to each of the news media or to the publisher. Therefore, understanding the life cycle of a news will be worked out accordingly.

Currently, the latest and most recent news shows appear in Google’s search results, and many times the follow-up news is ranked higher in Google than in the original news. But even if Google succeeds in their current plans, the debate will remain. Because, not all good reporting but breaking news. Many times, news gathers from multiple news sources and tries to spread the news. The news they follow is thoughtful and factual news. Highlights the actual information to the reader. This can lead to many unintended consequences.

Google says in their blog post that they will seek the help of staff to reduce the concerns raised by the algorithm change. Respect for the publication and the value of the news will be reviewed by Google reviewers. They will present actual, in-depth and investigative reports.

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