Walton exports Smartphones to the Us

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Walton exports Smartphones to the Us

June 14, 2020 Tech News 0

The country’s export sector is coming to a new milestone. Bangladesh is going to export smartphones with the tag ‘Made in Bangladesh’ for the first time in the international market. The smartphone made by the country’s top brand, Walton, is going to the United States.

It is reported that an international american brand is taking smartphones from Walton. Walton is making the brand a smartphone as an original equity manufacturer (OM). The smartphones made by Walton with the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag will be sold on the US market.

On March 1, Finance Minister A. M. Mustafa Kamal will launch a smartphone export program in the United States at Walton DG-Tech Industries Limited in Chandra, Gazipur. The minister of postal and telecommunications, Mostafa Jabbar, and information and communication technology minister Junaid Ahmed Palk will also be present.

In this context, S.M. Mandul Alam, managing director of Walton DG-Tech Industries Limited, said that “Made in Bangladesh” was a long-term dream in technology. The dream was fulfilled by the launch of Walton’s mobile phone factory in 2017. In a short time, Walton has won the hearts of buyers with the latest feature smartphones made in Bangladesh.

He has taken the first place as a producer. The goal is international market. At the beginning of that goal, walton-made smartphones in Bangladesh are going to developed countries like the US. In the course of time, the technology products made by Walton, including smartphones, will be exported to Europe, Australia and other countries around the world.

Walton had earlier signed a deal with the world-renowned e-commerce giant Amazon to sell electronics and ICT products in the Us market. Soon, various products including Walton brand laptops, computers, mobile phones, compact mini refrigerators, home and electrical application will be opened for sale on Amazon’s website.

Walton is the top bangladeshi in the production of electronics, electrical and ICT products. To meet the domestic demand, Walton exports products to about 35 countries in asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the world. In these countries, the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ has gained a reputation for products including Walton Compressor, Fridge, AC, TV, Home Application, Laptop. As a result, the image of Bangladesh is being brightened outside. Walton also contributed significantly to the national economy by reducing import dependency and increasing exports and employment.

Walton aims to become one of the world’s top brands by 2030. The ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag is being distributed around the world. Bangladeshi brand Walton is working on a comprehensive plan to achieve that goal.

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